Where to hide dildos? There are many places to do that, like drawers, shelves, under the bed, and so on. But sometimes you need more district places in order to keep them out of sight from others.

By sticking around and reading this article, you’ll uncover some of the best and most discreet places to store your intimate toy. Not only will these spots keep prying eyes at bay, but they’ll also ensure your toy remains in prime condition for when you need it.

For those in a hurry, consider places like a personal drawer, a dedicated storage box, hidden pockets in your wardrobe, or even camouflaged books on your bookshelf. But there’s more to delve into if you’ve got a minute. So, let’s start on this discreet journey together.

Hide a Dildo

Factors to Consider Before Hiding Your Dildo

Material and Size

Every dildo material has its own characteristics. For instance, silicone is soft and flexible, making it more adaptable to tighter spaces. On the other hand, glass or metal dildos, being rigid, need a secure spot where they won’t accidentally fall or get chipped. 

These materials also tend to be colder, so storing them in an easily accessible place allows them to warm up to room temperature before use.

The size of your toy can seriously dictate your hiding options. A pocket-sized toy can easily slip into smaller, unexpected spots, like a makeup bag or even your pocket. Meanwhile, a larger dildo will require more space and might be better suited inside a storage box or a dedicated drawer.

Frequency of Use

Think about how often you’ll be reaching for your toy. If you use it quite often, you don’t want to bury it at the bottom of your winter clothes bin. On the flip side, if it’s a special occasion toy, it may be tucked away in a less accessible area, waiting for those unique moments.

The People You Live With

If you have children, safety and discretion shoot up the priority list. Kids are naturally curious, and you’d be surprised at the unusual spots they can explore. In this case, locked boxes or high shelves can be your best friends. Even the back of a closet, behind clothes, can be an excellent spot.

Sharing your living space with roommates or family members also requires added tact. 

You not only have to consider your own privacy but theirs too. An unspoken rule in many shared spaces is that personal drawers and closets are off-limits. However, always be prepared for the unexpected visitor who mistakenly opens a drawer looking for a pen or some tape.

Where to Hide Dildos

5 Discreet Places to Hide a Dildo

Inside a Personal Drawer

Why It’s Great

Your personal drawer is, well, personal. It’s a space you frequent, making your toy easily accessible when the mood strikes. Also, if you have a key to the drawer, you know it will be safe and sound.

Watch Out

However, if someone’s trying to find something in your room, chances are they might start with the drawers. Think about it: it’s the go-to spot for most people. If you choose this method, push the toy to the back cover it with some clothes, or simply use the key.

In a Dedicated Storage Box

Why It’s Great

A storage box, especially one that locks, gives you peace of mind. It’s also spacious, allowing you to store other related items, perhaps cleaning supplies or even other toys. Also, you can put it at the bottom, so even if someone opens your storage box, they won’t see it.

Watch Out

If you’re going for a storage box, try getting one that blends in with your room’s aesthetics so it doesn’t scream, “Look at me!”

Hidden Pockets in the Wardrobe

Why It’s Great

Tucked away behind that sweater or pair of jeans, the hidden pockets in wardrobes are often overlooked. It’s a genius spot for smaller toys and guarantees discretion, especially for those clothes that you don’t wear so often.

Watch Out

However, during a deep wardrobe cleanse, or when someone borrows a piece of clothing, there’s a chance of discovery. Also, remember, this spot is best suited for the smaller toys, not the more sizeable ones.

Beneath the Bed in Storage Containers

Why It’s Great

Storage containers offer a spacious haven for your toys. Slipped under the bed, they remain out of immediate sight, making them a favored choice.

Watch Out

However, if someone’s searching for, say, an old photo album or seasonal clothes, they might stumble upon your secret stash. A neat trick? Label the container with something mundane like “Old College Notes” to ward off potential curiosity.

In Bookshelves Behind Books

Why It’s Great

Between Dostoevsky and Dickens might be the last place someone would think to look. It’s clever and keeps your toy within arm’s reach.

Watch Out

Size is the limitation here. Only the smaller, more compact toys can be camouflaged amongst books. Also, if you have a friend who’s an avid reader, they might discover more than just a classic read

Most Realistic Dildo!

How to Hide Your Dildo Even More Discreetly

For those of you looking to go the extra mile in discretion, there are ingenious methods to elevate your hide-and-seek game. With these techniques, your toy won’t just be hidden; it’ll be virtually invisible.

Using Camouflaged Storage Solutions

Faux Book Storage

At first glance, it’s just a book. But upon closer inspection, it’s your sneaky storage solution. These faux book containers can sit on your shelf, blending seamlessly with other books, making them the last place someone might think to look.

Disguised Containers

Think about containers that mimic everyday items – a hairbrush with a hollow handle, a bedside clock with a hidden compartment, or even a regular soda can with a twist-off top. The world of disguised storage is vast and incredibly imaginative.

Opt for Travel-Friendly or Collapsible Designs

Discretion on the Go

Some dildos are crafted with travel and discretion in mind. They might look like an everyday item – lipstick, a USB, or even a piece of modern art. These designs make it easier to hide in plain sight.

Collapsible Companions

Certain toys are designed to be foldable or collapsible. Not only do they save space, but they can also mold into irregular shapes, making them easier to tuck away in unexpected spots.

Use Scented Sachets or Pouches

Why Bother?

While most high-quality dildos are odorless, over time, and especially without regular cleaning, there might be a residual smell. Scented sachets or pouches can mask this effectively.

Double Advantage

Apart from masking any residual scent, these pouches add an extra layer of discretion. Someone stumbling upon it might think it’s a pouch of lavender or rose petals meant to freshen up drawers.


When it comes to discretion and personal toys, where to hide dildos is a common concern. From personal drawers to camouflaged book storage, many clever and discreet hiding spots are available. But remember, the best spot isn’t just about being sneaky—it’s about balancing accessibility with discretion. 

Whether you’re living with family, roommates, or frequent guests, it’s crucial to choose a location that ensures your privacy while maintaining the condition and accessibility of your intimate toy. With the right hiding spot and some extra measures for added discretion, you can keep your secrets just that—secret.