Congratulations on your recent sex doll purchase! We want to ensure you get the most out of your significant investment. We’ve made this user’s guide to cover all you need to know about using, caring for, and getting the most pleasure out of a sex doll to assist you.

First and foremost, read our sex doll buyer’s guide if you haven’t already made your purchase. It has all the details you require to select the ideal doll for your way of life and personal preferences. Your new encounter will get off to an excellent start if you pick the proper sex doll.

Along with covering how to use a sex doll, we will also cover methods and ideas for maximizing enjoyment. We’ll also answer often-asked questions, such as how to store and travel your toy covertly and keep it in peak functioning order.

This guide will undoubtedly offer helpful knowledge and insights to improve your experience, regardless of your level of silicone sex doll experience. To discover the fascinating world of sex dolls together, let’s get in!

Unboxing Your Sex Doll

The day has finally come when your new silicone sex doll will be delivered to you. 

It’s essential to take your time, open the box, and carefully assemble the item. 

Step 1: Place her in a spacious area on the floor. Carefully move the package. Move the box out of the way to create more room for movement because sex dolls can be pretty hefty.

Step 2: Use a box cutter or knife to carefully cut the packing. Don’t cut your doll while doing this, please.

To ensure that your brand-new sex doll is unmarked and free of any smudges.

Step 3. Before handling your silicone sex doll, wash your hands.

Step 4: Carefully remove the sex doll’s head from its foam wrapping and place it next to the box on the ground.

Step 5: Remove any other accessories, such as clothing or cleaning supplies, that may have been included in the packing.

Step 6: Use a pair of scissors to separate the foam from the doll’s body. Take your time and move cautiously.

Step 7: Carefully take the doll out of the box and place her on the ground next to the box.

Assembling your sex doll

You must follow the directions in the manual when putting together a sex doll. Typically, the technique entails joining the doll’s main body to the head, limbs, and other pieces. It’s crucial to take your time and adequately complete each step of the process. It is advised to contact the manufacturer for support if there are any concerns or issues during assembly.

Align the threaded neck center at the base of the head with the equivalent spot on the body before attaching the head to the body. The steel pipe in the head should be inserted into the body’s neck and screwed in by spinning it, much like a screw. Adjust the head by rotating it if it’s slightly off-center.

Put the wig on the doll’s head and style it as you like to complete the look. Remove other accessories from the packaging, such as clothing, heating rods, and cleaning supplies, and store them for later use.

Care must be taken when handling the sex doll and its components because longevity and enjoyment depend on good upkeep.

Explore the Boundaries of Pleasure!

Making Love to Your Sex Doll

Many people buy sex dolls so they can have a real sexual partner. These dolls are made to bring joy and excitement, and they can last for many years with the correct handling and maintenance. To have the finest experience with your sex doll, it is crucial to remember recommended practices. 

This can involve using the doll within its intended constraints, doing proper cleaning and maintenance, and so forth. With this in mind, you can appreciate your sex doll’s company for a long time.

Vaginal sex with your Silicone sex doll

Sexual companionship is one of the main functions of silicone sex dolls. Every female sex doll has a working vagina, and many of them may be ordered with a fixed or removable vagina comparable to fleshlights or pocket pussies. 

It is crucial to select a doll that can fit your size. Check the info about the depth of each doll’s vaginal opening when shopping.

Sex dolls are constructed from silicon or TPE, both renowned for their realism. The purpose of the vagina is to simulate the sensation of having sex with a real person.

It goes without saying how to use the doll; set it in the desired position and penetrate it like a real person. Realistic pressure and friction sensations are intended.

Is it appropriate to finish inside the doll?

The answer is that it’s a regular practice because the dolls were made for that. As a reminder, the beauty must be cleaned after use to ensure longevity.

Anal sex with your sex doll

Many people want anal sex, but sometimes they struggle to find a partner who is open to and appreciates this sexual activity. 

The good news is that this kind of fantasy is supported by sex dolls.

Silicone sex dolls deliver a realistic, focused, and intense experience that can be quite pleasant. You can enjoy yourself without needing to find a companion who is into anal sex.

Oral sex with your sex doll

Receiving a blowjob from a sex doll differs from receiving one from a person in several ways. A sex doll blowjob can be entertaining in its own right, even though each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. 

The doll’s mouth is made to look lifelike and make people happy, which is one advantage. 

Unlike human partners, you don’t have to be concerned about things like a gag reflex, physical pain, or diverse reactions to the completion. Although lubricant is probably required, it can still offer a unique sensation.

Using lubricants with sex dolls

Many use lubricants to make sexual interactions with sex dolls easier and more enjoyable. It’s crucial to remember that water-based lubricants are the most fantastic choice. 

Oil or silicone-based lubricants might harm the doll and leave stains. 

It’s crucial to use lubricant only where you want to penetrate, and you should be careful not to use too much.

Things can soon become messy if you apply too much lube

As a pro tip, if you require additional lubrication, consider substituting a tiny amount of warm water; this can reactivate the lubricant and is typically plenty to allow you to continue the experience.

However, some people favor a dryer method and utilize powder to lessen friction, which results in a different sexual sensation.

Storraging your sex doll

It’s essential to think about where to store your silicone sex doll after assembling it. Some people would feel comfortable displaying sex dolls in their homes, but many would like to be more discreet. 

The sex doll may come with a storage kit, allowing you to hang the beauty in a closet or another location.

Additionally, you can purchase separate containers with numerous discrete storage sections.

You can store this case, in a hidden place, like beneath the bed.

Due to their sensitivity to temperature changes, both silicone and TPE dolls should be kept in a room with a moderate temperature. The love doll should only be kept in heated attics with enough ventilation, which may cause warping or breaking.

Dressing Your Silicone Sex Doll

Dressing up your sex doll is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer their dolls to be strictly functional and don’t bother with clothing; if that’s the case, you can skip this step. However, many people find it part of the fun and fantasy of owning a sex doll and using clothing to act out fantasies or role-playing scenarios.

If you’re interested in buying clothes and accessories for your sex doll, you can do that as you would for a real girl in every store.

The measurements of each doll are provided; it will help you pick the right size when shopping. 

Also, it’s recommendable to purchase a few inexpensive articles of clothing first until you find the right size; in this way, you will only spend a little money on something that will fit.

Safety pins can be very helpful; they can adjust clothes that are too big and create a more attractive silhouette.

Most importantly, dressing up your sex doll should be enjoyable; experiment with different styles, order lingerie catalogs and consider cosplay options. You can even role-play your favorite fantasy, whether a police officer, stripper, cheerleader, or a video game character; the possibilities are endless.

Cleaning your sex doll

Maintaining a clean and well-kept sex doll is essential for prolonging its lifespan. 

There are two essential tools to help keep it clean and hygienic: 

  • vaginal irrigator 
  • condoms (optionally)


A vaginal irrigator can be ordered online or bought at a sex shop. It’s a bulb syringe that can be filled with water or soapy water and inserted into any cavity used; it will flush out the doll thoroughly. 

If your sex doll has a removable vagina, cleaning is even more effortless; you can remove the vagina and clean it under the sink or shower.

When not in use, it is essential to wipe down the silicone sex doll after each use and ensure it’s completely dry; avoid tight clothing or anything that could stain. Some people choose to powder the doll before storing it. If you choose to do so, using a simple cornstarch-based powder is recommended, and only applying it when the doll is dry to avoid making a paste-like mess.

In summary, cleaning your doll with the right tools, such as a vaginal irrigator, keeping the doll dry and stain-free after each use, and using a powder while in storage, will ensure a long-lasting, clean, and well-kept doll.

Sex Doll Repair

Your sex doll is made to last for an extended period. The doll’s lifespan will vary depending on how frequently and hard it is used. 

Nevertheless, silicone sex dolls are pretty durable.

Although they don’t frequently break, when they do, repairs are usually simple.

A repair kit and replacement components can be bought for dolls that require repairs.

Traveling With Your Silicone Sex Doll

Some people like to bring their dolls along with them on journeys, whether they are short or lengthy ones. More petite dolls that are simple to transport are available if you’re seeking a more mobile choice.

However, it is entirely doable to bring a full-size doll with you.

Handle the doll discretely, as you would, with any significant piece of luggage. Some customers decide to mail the love doll in advance to their location so that it will be there when they arrive. 

However, remember that you will have to handle the doll independently as delivery people or travel staff cannot help.

Whatever doll size you want, it’s important to remember that traveling with a sex doll might be arduous, so prepare ahead and handle the doll discretely.


The cost of a sex doll is high; therefore, we wrote this guide to assist you in getting the most value from your purchase. 

Regardless of how you use your sex doll, we aim to ensure you always have a good time with it. 

Your doll will be well-maintained and last for years if you heed the suggestions and guidance in this manual. You may increase your pleasure and delight from using your silicone sex doll by taking the necessary precautions.