Some sex doll buyers prefer to buy used to save money. This may seem unsatisfactory—don’t they think about hygiene and condition when buying a used sex doll? 

It may seem strange to use a sex toy that another guy has used, but there is a market for this. Here’s how to sell used sex doll.

Many used sex dolls are never used! After buying her, the owner merely didn’t want it anymore. Let’s start now that your assumptions about used sex toys are gone.

Why Do People Sell Used Sex Toys?

People sell used adult toys for many different reasons. It’s not always because the toy didn’t work for them. Think about how many gifts people don’t want. How many partners get it so wrong when they buy you something they want instead of something you want? 

It’s not a total waste of a gift, though, because it starts a conversation about what you do want. But when a relationship is over, most people don’t want to keep using a toy that an ex gave them.

People sometimes upgrade. For example, if they had a favorite sex toy and a new model with more features came out, they would upgrade to the new one and the old one would no longer be useful. 

This also happens a lot with basic equipment for beginners. For example, bondage kits for beginners are very simple and are mostly used to try out the feeling and see if you like it. If you like it, you’ll soon want to buy more serious gear and sell your slightly used beginner’s gear.

Also, people are much more aware of sustainability these days, so people who buy sex toys don’t feel like they have to buy everything new. They do the same thing with sports equipment, DIY tools, etc. 

Sellers of adult toys are also happy to give their used sex toys to someone else and “recycle” them (and to raise cash from an item that is basically of no use to them anymore).

Since there aren’t any compostable vibrators right now, the best way to be green is to sell them to someone else. Putting them in a landfill would be a waste and bad for the planet’s health. (See our blog post about how to recycle your sex toy for more information.)

How To Clean A Used Sex Doll Before Selling

Alright, so you’ve snagged a sex doll and you’re wondering, “How the heck do I clean this thing?” Well, listen up, because I’m about to tell you! First things first, you gotta give that doll a good scrubbin’. 

Get some warm water and mild antibacterial soap, like regular ol’ hand soap or dish soap. Give her skin and teeth a good wash-down with this mix. 

Next, grab a washcloth and use that same soap and water to scrub her down all over, including any little openings she may have. You can even use a luffa on a stick to get into those hard-to-reach places. 

And if you want to be extra cautious, you can do a little UV light treatment once she’s all dried off. Or, for the inside, try a light bleach solution to really kill any lingering germs without damaging the material. There you have it! Now your old sleeping doll will be spick and span and ready for action.

Explore the Boundaries of Pleasure!

How to pack a used sex doll

First off, packing a used sex toy isn’t like loading your grandmother’s ancient urn. It’s not rocket science either. Tips for packing your used sex doll.

  • Scrub her. Before packing, scrub her thoroughly. Germs and microbes shouldn’t accumulate. Use the steps above to clean her.
  • Dry her thoroughly. Let her dry before leaving. You don’t want mold or fungus from stored dampness.
  • Wrap her. After drying, wrap her in a soft shawl or cloth. This will shield her skin from transit injuries.
  • Box her. To protect her during shipping, use a robust box and bubble film or packing bags. Secure her in the box to prevent movement during shipment.
  • Covert packing. Wrap the box discretely. It’s private. Use brown paper or a plain box without signs or marks to conceal the goods.





Finally! These tips should help you safely move your used sex toy.

Places to sell used sex dolls

Web Sex Toy Markets

After learning about buyer kinds, let’s chat about where to find them. Used sex toy websites are scarce. Amazon and eBay only sell new, wrapped sex toys. Most adult services do. One website, Squeaky Clean Toys, sells used sex toys. A platform for users and vendors like you. Squeaky Clean Toys sells sanitized, used sex toys. Before signing up, read the website’s terms, fees, and other laws.

Gumtree, Facebook, and Quora are great places to sell used sex toys. 

Car parts, apparel, unusual art, and food are sold on Gumtree. Thus, second-hand sex toys are also sold here. Another Facebook group sells used sex toys. Here, you can find potential buyers but must negotiate the deal secretly. Wait for a buyer to make a bid. Negotiate a fee, payment, and dispatch here. Reddit has several sex toy sale groups. Like Facebook, these sites can promote your goods and create interest, but the sale must be completed elsewhere.

Value of used sex dolls

Based on my personal experience, I’ve noticed that when you purchase a brand-new sex doll, its value drops significantly right after you receive it. 

In fact, it’s not uncommon to see the value decrease by over 50% almost immediately. And if you decide to sell it later on, you can generally expect to get around 45% or less of the original purchase price, depending on the condition of the doll.

Tips and Tricks for Successfully Selling Your Toys

Hi! You’re selling your hidden sex toys to earn money? Awesome! Let me give you some selling tips before you start.

Fairly price

Toy pricing is tricky. A used sex toy’s price depends on how much it’s been used, if it has the original packing, and if any attachments are lacking. Checking what other vendors are charging for similar toys is the best way to price yours. Rate the toy honestly. Don’t lie about the toy’s state to steal money. It’s uncool and will damage your image.

Secure platform and payment option

Be careful—there are many scams. Sell toys on safe platforms. It’s worth the fee to have piece of mind on these websites. If you sell separately, use PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp for safe payments. Avoid taking cash, checks, and bank payments. These tactics are risky.

Provide lots of product data.

List your toy in depth. Snap clear photos of the toy, packing, and extras. Keep the photo backdrop clear and basic. Include a selfie with the toy to entice kink buyers. No need to show your face. Take a hot photo of the toy on your tummy or leg.

Describe the toy in depth. Include name, size, state, and usage. Answer product inquiries from possible buyers.

Wrap up

Hey there! So we’ve heard from some folks who buy used sex toys that it actually helps them be more adventurous with trying out different toys. They feel like they can take more risks and not worry as much about wasting money on something they’re not sure about. 

And hey, if it doesn’t work out, they can always sell it on our Squeaky Clean Toys used toy marketplace and try something else! So why not give it a shot and see what kind of fun you can have without breaking the bank?